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    • Susie Mordoh has been planning events for as long as she can remember but decided to 'own it' when she founded Greater Than We. 

      After 15 years in the advertising industry successfully representing creative talent, Susie understands the the importance and art of communication. While working for a top kitchen design firm, she was planning events 'on the side'.  Eventually the client demand forced her to step into event planning full time.

      Susie, not only understands how to design great space, she has an intuitive eye for detail and a solid understanding of the economics of it all (with a double degree in Architecture and Economics from Lehigh University). But the magic truly happens when she communicates to her team of vendors and her clients because everyone is respected, everyone is important and everyone is heard. 

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      In an effort to help anyone that wants help planning their child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah, I am offering this FREE DOWNLOAD.  Grab this detailed checklist and your 'to-do list' is done! #feelthelove