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    • Susie Mordoh has been planning events for as long as she can remember but decided to 'own it' when she founded Greater Than We. 

      After spending 15 years in the advertising industry successfully representing creative talent, Susie understands the art of communication. While working for a top kitchen design firm, she began planning events 'on the side'.  By combining these experiences with a double degree in Architecture and Economics and you can see that designing great events (full time) was a natural next step. 

      Susie, not only understands how to design great space, she has an intuitive eye for detail and a solid understanding of the economics of it all. But the magic truly happens when she communicates to her team of vendors and her clients because everyone is respected, everyone is important and everyone is heard. 


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    • "Truly magnificent planning, guiding, nudging, reminding, counseling, calming, inspiring, dealing, making it happen and of course FEELING THE LOVE.  Perhaps more important, to towed the ever-so-fine line between classy elegance and over-the-top (with an added dash of whimsy and kid-friendliness).  You made it special, and you made it ours. Thank you - Dave Poritzky, Sophie's dad 

      "Working with Susie on our event was like a dream come true.  We were already behind schedule when we hired her yet she swept in, took charge of everything, and pulled it all together beautifully.  She returned every call and email, was on time for every meeting, and didn't drop a single ball.  But, more than that, she brought a terrific vision to the project.  She always kept our messaging in mind, making sure every component of the event reflected our mission.  And, her beautiful heart and outlook on life lent a truly wonderful zen to the project.  I've never met an event planner with zen before!" - Barbara Weinstein, Girls Inc, Power of the Purse


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