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    Susie Mordoh has been planning events for as long as she can remember but decided to 'own it' when she founded Greater Than We eight years ago.

    After spending 15 years in the advertising industry successfully representing creative talent, Susie understands the art of communication. While working for a top kitchen design firm, she began planning events 'on the side'. These experiences, combined with a double degree in Architecture and Economics, align to create beautiful events and a successful business.

    Susie, not only understands how to design great space, she has an intuitive eye for detail and a solid understanding of the economics of it all. But the magic truly happens when she communicates to her team of vendors and her clients because everyone is respected, everyone is important and everyone is heard.

    Greater Than We had been voted Best Event Planner in a Westchester Magazine's reader's poll for the past six years 2015- 2020. Susie is currently creating digital products to help those who don't have access to an event planner to plan their memorable event.

    In her spare time, Susie enjoys exercising her athletic soul, speaking about integrating a spiritual approach in whatever you do and snapping pictures for ideas & inspiration for her next passion project.

  • Do you believe that the more interests you have the more creative you become?  I do.

    Many see themselves as either left-brained or right-brained types. I see myself as multi-passionate with strengths in both which is ideal for event planning. The reason, left-brain people are more organized and systematic. Right-brain people are more creative and intuitive.

    Being able to tap into both sides equally is something I have come to realize as super valuable for my clients. Keeping them up to date and ahead of the timeline reduces their sense of overwhelm, which is as important as each beautiful detail. 

  • Susie Mordoh - Owner


    'People will forget what you say, they will forget what you do but they will never forget how you made them feel.'  - Maya Angelou

  • Susan Wachtel - Happiness Coordinator


    'Happiness is when what you say and what you think and what you do is in harmony' - Gandi

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    super creative event ninjas

    TEAM: together everyone achieves more - Feel The Love Transformation Cards by Susie Mordoh

  • Realizing the spirit of your moment

    There is nothing better than to see the spark in our client's eyes as they see their vision come to life.

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