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  • The Secret To Planning A Great Event Comes Down To This 1 Thing

    After years of planning events, the most common question I hear from my clients is “How can I make sure my party is a success?" This question causes uncertainty which quickly leads to overwhelm because of fear. The fear of making a mistake. Regardless of the type or size of your event, success [...]

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    VIDEO SPARK: Trusting the Process

    VIDEO SPARK - Susie Mordoh talks trusting the process Do you ever find yourself thinking 'everything would be perfect if only...' (you fill in the rest). That's the part of us that wants to control the way things happen or how they happen. What if you were able to surrender to how it happens [...]

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    VIDEO SPARK The size of your CUP

    VIDEO SPARK - Susie Mordoh talks about capacity and the size of your cup I can't believe it's about 2 months since I shot my last video! With my head down working on more than 6 events in the last 10 weeks, something had to give. Funny enough, throughout all of it I was reminded of a [...]

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