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  • VIDEO SPARK: The Power of Gratitude

    VIDEO SPARK - Susie Mordoh talk about her #365daysofgratitude challenge We all have something to be grateful for every single day...if you can't think of something, be grateful for simply being alive to start.  Are you living in gratitude?  Do you say thank you a lot or do you take the good [...]

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    VIDEO SPARK: How to plan ahead while staying present

    VIDEO SPARK - Susie Mordoh talks about how you can plan ahead while staying present Planning events requires a lot of thinking ahead.  That sometimes can conflict with a 'staying present' mindset.  I believe that planning adds the basic framework or structure for what you want to accomplish but[...]

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    Book Deal! Want to be published with me?

    The EVOLUTION of the Feel the Love Challenge The initial round of feedback from The Feel the Love Challenge has been so great that I am inspired to curate as many answers as possible for a book on the subject!  Yes, I said book and would love to have you published in it! The challenge (if you [...]

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