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  • EVENT TIP TUESDAY – Susie Mordoh talks about The Message

  • Event Tips with Susie Mordoh talks about THE MESSAGE she took away from a recent conference she attended.Manifestoyour body

    This week my social media shares are based on Monday’s Manifest[o} – that’s the message on the right

    I just got back from a wonderful women’s empowerment 4-day conference in NYC that had so many great takeaway messages, it was hard to determine what to focus on in this week’s video.  After thinking long and hard about the recurring message that seemed to thread it’s way throughout the conference I was ready to go.  If you’d like to learn more about Emerging Women, CLICK HERE.

    In case you are new to my videos, I choose to share my Event Tips via VLOG because it simply feels more like me.  Not to mention, anyone that wants to hire me gets a little window into my world before reaching out to connect, love that!  Using years of experience, I break down the process of creating one of a kind life events, complete with simple tips and nuggets of love in :60 seconds or less!  Sure it’s quick but my intention is to spark the ideas that are waiting to bloom…

    can't wait

    Thank you so much for visiting!   I would love to hear what you do to let go of controlling the outcome of things, it’s a tough one but it’s necessary.

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