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  • FAQ

    • What is the first thing I should do when planning an event?

      You really want to consider the date and determine if there are any conflicts that will ultimately add stress.  For example, is it a holiday or do you know someone else hosting an event the same day (this is big in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah arena).  Next, start outlining a guest list so you have a better idea of your numbers.

    • How far in advance do I need to start planning my event?

      That really varies depending on the type of event you are planning.  Larger events typically do well when they handle the larger decisions like deciding on a venue, caterer entertainment and photographer about a year in advance.  Things start to get rolling about 6-7 months before your event.  As for smaller parties,3-6 months in advance should suffice.

    • What do I need to know when considering a venue?

      Before looking at venues, I always suggest that my clients outline a  quick guest list to have a handle on your numbers.  Knowing the capacity that a venue comfortably holds before even looking at it, is key to being efficient with your time.  Falling in love with a space that can't accommodate your event can leave you feeling heartbroken. Not to mention, there is nothing worse than cramming in too many people into too small a space.

      You will also want to know if the venue has exclusive relationships with select caterers or if you can bring in a caterer of your choice. 

    • How many vendors should I price out before making a decision?

      I recommend that you look at the pricing of 2-3 vendors.  The beauty of working with an event planner is that they can give you perspective on the different options available. Sort of acting like a matchmaker, pairing up the right ones for you to partner with.

      Regardless of the price, I always encourage my clients to go with the vendor that FEELS right because you  are creating an energy around your event and everyone is part of that vibe.

    • How much will it all cost?

      This is probably one of the most frequent Q and is not really possible to answer.  Imagine walking into a Dealer and saying I want to buy a Lexus, how much will it cost?  It depends on the model and options you choose.  What is a 'must have' for one person isn't important to another.  

      So with that, I encourage a detailed conversation and let your planner work some basic numbers for you.  Many couples approach the event differently and each person's view becomes part of the decision making process.

    • Why should I hire you as my event planner?

      My years of experience, planning different kinds of events allow me to create joyful moments for you.  I do this by eliminating the stress and overwhelm of the planning process by keeping you on or ahead of our time table, which is as important as every beautiful detail.

      It is my job to help you tell your story and there is nothing better than working together to craft yours. Regardless of the type of celebration, my goal is to have you and your guests enjoying it all during the event and 'feeling the love'. Like any vendor, I believe you should only hire me if it feels right to you.