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  • LOVE what you do – Karen Yankovich

  • A Conversation with Karen Yankovich, social media expert & linked in evangelist!
     Social Media is important in establishing your on-line presence as an expert.  I met Karen Yankovich in Marie Forleo’s B-School, which is an outstanding online marketing course!  Check out some video of her taking about it HERE.
    Today’s conversation is with the B-School Partner and Linked In Evangelist, Karen Yankovich   Karen’s offers a Linked In profile done for you service that is redefining her clients’ profiles and the way the see themselves.  
     ‘Conversations With Women That LOVE What They Do!’ is a video series that spreads the message that work can feel like play when you love what you do and not just do what you do. It continues to be my intention to simply spark any ideas that are waiting to bloom…

    can't wait
    To check out Karen’s informative blog posts (and I learn something new everytime I read one) sign up at www.karenyankovich.com
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