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  • The Secret To Planning A Great Event Comes Down To This 1 Thing

  • After years of planning events, the most common question I hear from my clients is “How can I make sure my party is a success?”

    This question causes uncertainty which quickly leads to overwhelm because of fear. The fear of making a mistake. Regardless of the type or size of your event, success starts with the same process and It’s doesn’t start with the food, the music or the decor.

    The secret of planning a great event comes down to two words: REVERSE ENGINEERING Start at the end. One of the first questions I ask my clients ‘ How do you want your guests to feel as they are walking out the door?’ (nice thought, huh?) Once we identify what the host/s want for their guests, we make decisions to reinforce that.

    For example, at a recent winter party we worked with a family that loved to ski together. So we decided to offer the guests hot chocolate, served in custom printed to-go cups, with warm waffle sticks (like the ones you get on the mountain) as they waited for their cars from the valet. These treats were easy to carry and kept everyone feeling cozy on the ride home.

    Remember, your guests aren’t required to come to your party (I know, sounds a little harsh but think about it). What goes through your head when you receive an invitation to a dinner party, a social event or a fundraiser. Even better, make note of how you feel after you attend.

    When you take the time to think about your event from your guests point of view you will ultimately make decisions that show you care about them and are invested in their experience. Of course your event should tell YOUR story (like our skiers) but how you tell it will make everyone, not only, feel a part of the party it will have them ‘feeling the love’.

    Planning an event (or know someone that is)? We’d love to hear from you, send us an note to susie@greaterthanwe.com and we’ll start the conversation.  Susie Mordoh is an award winning event planner and serves Westchester, Manhattan and Fairfield counties