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  • INTRODUCING the Feel the Love Challenge

    I BELIEVE that small actions can have great impact!  

    The challenge (if you chose to accept it) is to share what ‘Feeling the Love’ means to you. How do you do it? Comment below or post a video on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag me, Susie Mordoh, or Greater Than We and #feelthelove so I can check it out. By sharing your feelings, you’ll be spreading some love and making the world a better place. Not to mention, it feels really good!

    In case you are new to my videos, I choose to share in a VLOG because it simply feels more like me. Not to mention, anyone that wants to hire me gets a little window into my world before reaching out to connect, love that!  Using my years of experience I like to share a ideas or stories, complete with tips and nuggets of love in short videos.  My intention is to spark the ideas that are waiting to bloom…

    can't wait

    Thank you so much for watching and visiting!

    Please leave some love in the comment section below, not only because I love hearing from you but your words have so much value to everyone else that is watching (or reading). Your feedback inspires me and creates such positive vibes for everyone.

    Feel the Love!