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  • VIDEO SPARK: How to plan ahead while staying present

  • VIDEO SPARK – Susie Mordoh talks about how you can plan ahead while staying present

    Planning events requires a lot of thinking ahead.  That sometimes can conflict with a ‘staying present’ mindset.  I believe that planning adds the basic framework or structure for what you want to accomplish but you need to bake in some time to be flexible for the changes that will arise.  Check out today’s video to learn more.

    In case you are new to my videos, I choose to share in a VLOG because it simply feels more like me. Not to mention, anyone that wants to hire me gets a little window into my world before reaching out to connect, love that!  Using my years of experience I like to share a story, complete with tips and nuggets of love in short videos.  My intention is to spark the ideas that are waiting to bloom…

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    I would love to hear how you plan ahead or how you keep yourself in the now.   Are you using your time wisely or simply just passing it?  Please leave your comments in the section below, because I love hearing from you and your words have so much value to everyone else that is watching (& reading). Your feedback inspires me and creates such positive vibes for everyone.

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