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  • VIDEO SPARK The size of your CUP

  • VIDEO SPARK – Susie Mordoh talks about capacity and the size of your cup

    I can’t believe it’s about 2 months since I shot my last video! With my head down working on more than 6 events in the last 10 weeks, something had to give. Funny enough, throughout all of it I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend of mine on people’s capacity. What if we were all born with different size ‘cups of capacity’. Is it better to have a large glass but keep it ‘half empty’ or a smaller glass that is ‘half full’?  Check out today’s video to learn more.

    In case you are new to my videos, I choose to share in a VLOG because it simply feels more like me. Not to mention, anyone that wants to hire me gets a little window into my world before reaching out to connect, love that!  Using my years of experience I like to share a story, complete with tips and nuggets of love in short videos.  My intention is to spark the ideas that are waiting to bloom…

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    I would love to hear how your thoughts on this. What are you putting in your cup? Are you living life feeling it’s half full or half empty? Think about it. Do you expect more from people than they are actually able to give? Your feedback inspires me and creates such positive vibes for everyone, so please leave a comment below.

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