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  • VIDEO SPARK: Trusting the Process

  • VIDEO SPARK – Susie Mordoh talks trusting the process

    Do you ever find yourself thinking ‘everything would be perfect if only…’ (you fill in the rest). That’s the part of us that wants to control the way things happen or how they happen. What if you were able to surrender to how it happens and simply thrust that it goes down the way it’s supposed to. Check out today’s video to learn more.

    In case you are new to my videos, I choose to share in a VLOG because it simply feels more like me. Not to mention, anyone that wants to hire me gets a little window into my world before reaching out to connect, love that!  Using my years of experience I like to share a story, complete with tips and nuggets of love in short videos.  My intention is to spark the ideas that are waiting to bloom…

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    I would love to hear what you think of this video and whether or not it got you to pause and take a look at your process. Please comment below because your feedback inspires me and creates such positive vibes for everyone that reads them!

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